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Burnaby, Canada
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About The Acquisition Group

THE ACQUISITION GROUP IS WHERE YOUR FUTURE STARTS The Acquisition Group is all about the future. We look forward to and look towards the next big thing, and that includes you and your career. We are an industry leader in growth and our customer acquisition programs have positioned us as the go-to marketing consulting firm for industry leaders looking to build on their success. We have achieved all this because of the amazing people in our court. We’ve trained those people from the ground up, and in the process developed accredited leadership and skill development programs. No matter what your background is, or what level of experience you have, we are here to help you learn, grow and succeed. We will help you make the jump from not sure what to do, and not happy doing it, to doing something great.

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17 Nov 2021

Ready to kick start your future in customer service? Ready to work hard AND advance your career? Do you excel in the field of customer service?   If yes, then you are in the right place!   We are a…